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Medical consultation

There, the indication for surgery will be given and the pre-anesthesia, informed consent forms and the society's forms for the authorization of the surgery will be handed out.

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The day of the intervention

You will be admitted through the reception of the Ruber Internacional hospital. You will be escorted to your room where you will be met by the nurses on the ward. Once you are ready, you will go down to the operating room. After the surgery, the surgical team will inform the relatives in the room. You will spend the first night in the ICU or in the ward room, depending on the operation performed.


In the case of robotic radical prostatectomy

After the operation the patient will spend the first night in the ICU. The following morning, according to the consideration of the doctors in charge, he will be transferred to the ward room where he will be admitted until the patient's recovery allows him to be discharged. On the day of discharge, the care to be taken of the bladder catheter, the wound treatment and the treatment to be followed at home will be explained.

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